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By now we hope you will have picked up lots of information about the many enrichment activities that are available at Priestley College – everything from Japanese to our Making History magazine and the Debating Society.

There really is something for everyone and we encourage all Priestley students to take one of the enrichments on offer. If you can’t find one that suits you then email us to say what you’d like to see and we will look into whether it is possible.

Send your suggestions to Mark at m.edgington@priestley.ac.uk 

If you are still ensure of the kinds of activites that are available you can read more here or hit the Enrichment Activity button below where you can also register for one of them.

Below is a small example of some of the enrichment activities we offer at Priestley if you are looking to academically stretch and challenge yourself.

STEM Enrichment
Extended Project
The Graduate
Sports Academies

Duke of Edinburgh Award

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A complete list of enrichment activities will be released soon. 

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STUDENT council / Ambassadors

The Student Voice is a crucial one at Priestley. We take great pride in our students and listening to what they have to say. In fact the views of the College Council have influenced decisions and developments at the college over recent years. Ambassadors play a key role in representing Priestley at events, in local schools and our marketing campaigns. Take a look in more detail at what the different roles involve below and if you are interested in being considered for either – or both – fill out the short expression of interest form.

Student and College Councils

The Student and College Councils are a way to get your views heard by the college managers. Each tutor group elects two representatives to the Student Council which meets once each half-term with one of Priestley’s Assistant Principals.

The College Council meets once each half-term with the Principal. The Officers of the College Council are elected from the student body. The President and Vice President of the College Council are nominated members of the Governing Body.

Students can raise any issues they might have with their tutor group representatives who will then raise the issues in the most appropriate forum.

If you become a part of the councils at Priestley College we believe it will not only be extremely fulfilling but will also provide you with an impressive addition to your CV and application letters for universities of employment.


The College Ambassador role is also extremely important. You will be one of the ‘faces of the college’. You can opt into different aspects of the role, which can include anything from photoshoots for our marketing campaigns to representing the college during visits to your former high schools.

Other crucial parts of the ambassador role include helping out during college open events. Prospective new students and their parents love to hear from the ambassadors about what they think of Priestley.

Like being a member of the Student Council, becoming an ambassador will enrich your college experience and give you something to write about on university applications and CVs.

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My To Do List

This list shows you all of the different activites available through Virtual Priestley. You can tick them off as you go.

Don’t feel you have to complete every task, just do the ones you think are relevant to you.