Meet Nina Whitaker

Hi, I’m Nina Whitaker.  I joined the progress tutor team this year, after taking a career break to study a master’s degree, which I achieved this year.  I am an experienced teacher, with 17 years Primary experience before moving into sixth form, teaching Childcare and Education here at Priestley prior to the pandemic.
I am an avid reader, and cinema goer.  I read an eclectic mix of books and watch a wide range of genres of film.  I love travelling, and enjoy gong to new places, to experience their cultures.  I am an empathetic, nurturing person, who is always willing to listen, and to help you to move forward, and find ways to overcome any barriers to your success.

Nina Whitaker

The best way to contact me is by email. You can use the button below to email me. 

My To Do List

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