Photography: Practical activities

Thank you for looking at photography at Priestley.

Here are some practical photography challenges for you to try! You can use any type of camera, including the one on your phone.

Activity: Capture 2 images (one for each challenge) in response to the starting points below. Be as creative as you can.
Rather than just taking photos without thought, consider what you want to convey to the viewer. Consider setting up images, poses, object placement, lighting, close-ups, filter etc – you are welcome to edit your photos using an app afterwards to improve it if you would like to.

Please email your photographs to us at
We would love to see the images that you take in response to the challenge.

Challenge 1: Portraits
A portrait of you or someone else in your family.
It can be a posed photograph, or you might try to capture someone’s personality by taking photos whilst they are doing a task, activity or just relaxing. Consider how you can convey more about them through the lighting, location, and editing (if you choose to edit your photos). Please tell us briefly in a small description who your the person(s) in the image is and how you are trying to capture their personality in the photograph.

Challenge 2: It’s In the Details
Please consider taking close up photographs for this challenge. This image might be a close up of an interesting object, the details on garments, floors, forgotten corners, marks on objects, drawer contents as suggestions. Please tell us in a small description what your image is a close up of.

Thanks and have fun!

The resources below are here to help you with this session. The documents can be downloaded to your device and web links can be viewed online. 

What to do when you're finished ?

Keep a copy of your work safe until your first days at college. Bring it with you for your first lesson in this subject. 

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