Photography, Graphic Design and Computer Arts: What is Exposure?

When studying photography at Priestley College, one of the core areas of teaching early on in your course focuses on manual exposure using a digital SLR (DSLR) camera. This task introduces you to the fundamentals of manual photography introducing you to the exposure triangle. This ‘triangle’ is made up of the following; aperture, Shutter speed & ISO. These terms relate to different settings on a digital camera.

You need to read through the attached PDF document and then click on the link on the last page. This will take you to an online resource where you can practice and experiment with the exposure triangle to see what effect changing settings has on a provided photograph.

The resources below are here to help you with this session. The documents can be downloaded to your device and web links can be viewed online. 

What to do when you're finished ?

Keep a copy of your work safe until your first days at college. Bring it with you for your first lesson in this subject. 

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