Music: Audition

Please follow the link in the box to the right of the page to answer a short questionnaire and to upload your Audition video for Music at Priestley.

Please upload a video of you performing a song. Ideally you will perform with a backing track but this is not compulsory.

Backing tracks for a variety of instruments are widely available on YouTube, Spotify and the Karaoke-Version website.

We only need to see 1 song. Try to make your video at least 1 minute long and ideally no longer than 3:30 or 4:00 minutes.

You do not need to upload videos of scales or technical excercises at this time.

There are no set limits on song choices however we may ask you to submit a different song if we feel that your song choice is not suitable. Please speak to your private tutors or school teachers if possible to discuss appropriate song choices.

Essentially we just need to see an example of you performing so that we can check that you will be able to cope with the type of content and difficulty level of performance material on our courses.

If you are not a performer, you do not need to upload a file. Some of our applicants for Music Production pathways do not play an instrument.

By now you should have completed our “getting to know you” survey (from Virtual Priestley Week 1) which provides an opportunity to provide links to your music. You can also upload an example of any songs you have written or produced using the file browser or link box below.

Your audition videos need to be uploaded between Monday 6th and Wednesday 8th July. Good luck.

The resources below are here to help you with this session. The documents can be downloaded to your device and web links can be viewed online. 

Website Links

What to do when you're finished ?

Keep a copy of your work safe until your first days at college. Bring it with you for your first lesson in this subject. 

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