Maths: Welcome

The short video that follows will give you an introduction to what Maths courses we offer here at Priestley. Once you have watched it have a go at the Problem Solving questions. One of the key skills you learn in Maths is how to apply your knowledge and these are a perfect place to start.

Feel free to upload your solutions if you would like us to check them.

The resources below are here to help you with this session. The documents can be downloaded to your device and web links can be viewed online. 

What to do when you're finished ?

Keep a copy of your work safe until your first days at college. Bring it with you for your first lesson in this subject. 

Youtube Videos

My To Do List

This list shows you all of the different activites available through Virtual Priestley. You can tick them off as you go.

Don’t feel you have to complete every task, just do the ones you think are relevant to you.