English Literature: Scrapbook Challenge

We would like you to produce a scrapbook in which you reflect on your relationship with reading and literature.

It can be physical or virtual, and you should be willing to share it with others. Please use lots of images and colour – make it bright and attractive!

You could do this in the form of:

  • A PowerPoint presentation
  • A Word document
  • A physical book that you write and draw in
  • Any other format that you like using

You can choose one (or all!) of the ideas below. The best work will be put on display.


Children’s book

What was your favourite childhood book?

Why did you like it? Who were your favourite characters? Why?

What are your favourite quotations from the text? What do they mean to you?

Choose some images and ideas related to the book and explain why you like them.


Your favourite GCSE text: play, novel or poem?

What is the context and background?

What are the main themes and ideas?

What are your favourite quotations?

Your favourite character? Why? What would you like to ask them?

Find some images of art, fashion, architecture of the time to illuminate your work


Fantasy dinner party

Which literary figures would be your guests?

Why would you choose them?

What three courses would you serve? Why?

What questions would you like to ask them?


About you…

What is your favourite book?  (not from your GCSE! ) You could display the quotations and tell us why they are meaningful.

Write a review and stick it in your scrapbook. Read some book reviews to give you ideas.

Tell us why we should read it!


Fancy a challenge?!

What do you think a ‘classic’ novel is?

Have you read any?  Are you looking forward to reading some?

Find out what the ‘literary canon’ is.

Do you agree with how it classes works of literature as ‘worthy’ or ‘unworthy’?

The resources below are here to help you with this session. The documents can be downloaded to your device and web links can be viewed online. 

What to do when you're finished ?

Keep a copy of your work safe until your first days at college. Bring it with you for your first lesson in this subject. 

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