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Principal's Presentation

Hear from Principal James Gresty about what makes Priestley so special.

College Video

Please take a few moments to find out a little more about what Priestley College has to offer its students.

Discover Priestley College

Take a 3D campus tour

Our 3D tour allows you to walk around the campus so if you visited Priestley and wanted to take another look you can do. Please note this tour was created before improvements to the Priestley School of Performance and Engineering suites were made.

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View Floor Plan

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Change Floor

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Explore the campus

Unfortunately, our interactive map doesn’t work well on a mobile device. However, you can still view our college tour below as a video. 

My To Do List

This list shows you all of the different activites available through Virtual Priestley. You can tick them off as you go.

Don’t feel you have to complete every task, just do the ones you think are relevant to you.