Induction Tasks

Please find below the access codes for each of the induction tasks. If your subject doesn’t have a code please check back soon as they are currently being added to the list. 


Subject / CourseGoogle Classroom code to access pre-induction tasks
3D Product Design & Technology (A-Level)dugqikc
Applied Human Biology (Vocational) 
Applied Science (Vocational) 
Architecture (A-Level)7scjiqr
Art & Design (Vocational) 
Biology (A-Level)szisrlo
Business (A-Level & Vocational)(BTEC) imejkks (A-Level) 6xy4dps
Chemistry (A-Level)7eci22c
Classical Civilisation (A-Level)yaxbldm
Computer Game Development (Vocational)kyttgqc
Computer Science (A-Level)xyku3wj
Criminology (Vocational) 
Dance (A-Level & Vocational)(BTEC) jp4r2jb (A-Level) r5t5bad
Digital, Production, Design & Development (T-Level)c2e4cto
Drama (A-Level)7oaokfj
Early Years, Childcare & Education (CACHE) (Vocational)5cfcrqp
Economics (A-Level) 
Education & Childcare (T-Level) 
Electronics (A-Level)xnx2njl
Engineering (T level)vvnwhvh
Engineering (Vocational – OCR)ujzgivy
English Language (A-Level)k5lsase
English Literature & Language (A-Level)k5lsase
English Literature (A-Level)k5lsase
Environmental Science (A-Level)amkn4sy
Film Studies (A-Level)zfnkpil
Financial Studies (Vocational)apr6l3a
Fine Art (A-Level)4ustlak
French (A-Level)eaujrr5
Further Mathematics (A-Level) 
Geography (A-Level)ugeel2f
Geology (A-Level)rw37bbi
German (A-Level)wqhweqe
Graphic Design (A-Level & Vocational)(BTEC) 32362i5 (A-Level) ha7dhim
Health & Social Care (Vocational)e5vxlzd
Health (T-Level)qmklmb6
History (A-Level)oawq5ph
Information Technology (Vocational)kuays4f
Journalism (Vocational) 
Law (A-Level & Vocational)2wx7q44
Management & Administration (T-Level) 
Mathematical Studies (Core Maths) (Vocational)7odh7km
Mathematics (A-Level)2xqphxy
Media Studies – Creative Media (Vocational)hayql5f
Media Studies (A-Level)otubmto
Music (A Level & Vocational) 
Musical Theatre (Performing Arts) (Vocational)gtmn3c7
Philosophy (A-Level) 
Photography (A-Level)7xi4ku2
Physical Education (A-Level)3q3vwbo
Physics (A-Level)ifjfiye
Politics (A-Level) 
Production Arts (Vocational)qg4cl2u
Protective Services (Public Services) (Vocational) 
Psychology (A-Level)2yqwydf
Religious Studies (A-Level) 
Sociology (A-Level)praaxax
Spanish (A-Level)756j7nz
Sport & Exercise Science (Vocational)u6rbnn5
Sport (Vocational)x63ffyc
Sport, Coaching & Development – Football (Vocational)uebcjij
Textiles & Fashion (A-level)avvliar
Certificate in Sportvkgh5yr
Level 2 Sportjdi2hs5
Certificate in Gym Instructionnzewkoz
Level 2 Business7ketksl
UAL Art and Design year 1 (design classroom)3wtem22
Community languagesc3yizrc

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